BrightShade Gardens offer comprehensive landscape design and maintenance to clients in the greater Washington area. Services include:


The Design Process starts with a conversation.  We want to know how you would like to live in your yard. Do you want to have a place to dine, do you want to play catch with your children, or have you always wanted to be a gardener but didn’t know how to get started? We will take your desires and put them on paper. Below are various elements of your plan that we will manage for you.


The area in which we live is a spectacular place for plants.  The options often feel limitless, and it is a joy to simply recount the beautiful gardens we have installed in the last five years.  We consider many factors in selecting plants for your property: sun exposure, drainage, soil, style of house, and homeowner goals.  Before we present your plans to you, you will have the opportunity to review photographs of every plant we recommend installing.  If you do not like it, we will find another option.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is generally built in order to retain soil. However, walls can serve aesthetic functions as well. A knee wall along a stone patio can provide far more seating than a table for six. A stone or brick foundation wall is the perfect frame for your plantings. There are various types of walls available; the material you select will depend on the function and location of your wall. Your budget will also have a bearing on your selection. We construct walls in stone, brick, block and timber.

Patios and Walkways

Take a look at your back yard. Now, suppose you could turn that muddy mess into your own private courtyard, an outdoor recreation area, or an alfresco dining room open to the sun and stars. Patios are outdoor rooms. Whether created to entertain guests or to entertain the idea of having your own private island right in your back yard, a patio is limited only by your own imagination. We typically construct patios and walkways in flagstone, paver, and exposed aggregate and concrete. 

Draining Solutions

Proper drainage is a critical part of your landscape. We offer a full range of drainage options to include downspout piping & drainage, French drains, dry wells, slotted/ perforated drains, catch basins & channel drains.


To ensure your plantings look their best, and to protect your investment, we also manage installations of underground irrigation systems, as well as system renovations, modifications, repairs and maintenance.  We trust this highly specialized aspect of landscaping to Marco Rivas Irrigation.  We have seen him tackle a variety of difficult installations and repairs. This experience has proved to us that he can truly move water anywhere.


The most important element in your landscape is your budget.  Please be assured that every service we offer takes your budget into consideration.  We will phase your project over many seasons if it makes you more comfortable.